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Our Mission


Just because a company is new doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t strive for excellence from Day One.

VISION: Three Daughters of the Doctor will draw from science and technology to become a world-class provider of safe, environmentally aware and socially conscious hair and skin products for multi-ethnic women, men and children.

MISSION: Three Daughters of the Doctor will be recognized as a preeminent leader in the personal care industry among multi-ethnic people because its products deliver life-improving solutions specifically formulated for people whose needs are inadequately met by the marketplace.

VALUES: Three Daughters of the Doctor products will exemplify love for our extended family through thoughtful and scientific solutions, constant innovation, and unparalleled care for our customers.

PROMISE: Three Daughters of the Doctor products adhere to strict production guidelines with regard to formulation and ingredients and are purposefully produced in smaller batches to ensure the highest level of technical quality and performance.

All Three Daughters of the Doctor products are created with health in mind and are formulated to be safe, gentle and effective. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use products that create results for multi-ethnic people, whose personal-care challenges have been largely ignored by mass-market brands.

Everything that is included in a Three Daughters of the Doctor formulation is purposeful and intended to provide the healthiest, best outcomes for its users through thorough smart science, product development and iterative refinements.

Our formulations always are tested in our own home – and never on animals – before they hit the shelves. Our finished goods will include the best materials, sourced from across the globe and be manufactured by caring technicians in professional manufacturing environments.