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Our Brand

our-brand Many Ethnicities is the first brand released from Three Daughters of the Doctor and is what inspired Dr. Ena Hennegan to start her company.

Like many multi-ethnic people, Dr. Ena knows firsthand the challenge of caring for hair that doesn’t respond to the hair care products on the shelves today. The frustration of trying to find a solution for her three daughters, as well as her own hair, what was what inspired Dr. Ena to ultimately begin a quest that has led to the creation of the Many Ethnicities brand.

“When we began the formulation process, we intentionally strated from scratch,” Dr. Ena said. “I have lived with hair care products that were designed for other people. I wanted everyone that picked up a bottle to say, ‘Hey, someone’s finally created something for me.’ We focus on every ‘me’ in each bottle or jar of Many Ethnicities product.”

Many Ethnicities was created to offer safe, gentle, and effective hair care alternatives for both adults and children.

Many Ethnicities shampoos are specifically formulated to deliver rich foam and properly cleanse all multi-ethnic hair types with a subtle, clean signature fragrance. Many Ethnicities conditioners, both rinse-out and leave-in, were formulated to leave all types of multi-ethnic hair feeling light and manageable.

Many Ethnicities products and conditioners are sulfate free, and contain no sodium chloride, no color or dyes, no parabens, no animal-derived materials and no gluten. Our products are never tested on animals, and always are tested at home before anywhere else.

Want to see for yourself? Follow this link to ManyEthnicities.com.